A Paradigm Shift in Crude Refining Technologies

About us

Mission Statement:
To creatively and intelligently apply cost effective and environmentally friendly refining technologies to improve the efficiency and quality of crude oil enhancements and thereby supports the growth and wellbeing. 

• Ease of transportation on land or water
• Remote Locations / On-Shore & Off-Modular & Mobile Design
• Limited Installation Time & Requirements
• Shorter Processing Times
• Scalable to Any Size Production
• Increased Petroleum value added products
• Minimal Maintenance and Operational Downtime 

Existing Methodologies
• Thermal Cracking: high temperature, high pressure 
• Catalytic Cracking: a chemical reaction in the presence of either a high cost element or compound or a process gas NexCru Methodology Faster, Cheaper, Cleaner 
• Process for the facile separation of lighter hydrocarbon fractions from crude oil using unique distillation techniques. 
• Key differentiators are shorter processing times, lower capital cost, high modularity and location flexibility, including at well site or pipeline holding tanks. 
• The process is more environmentally responsible, has lower energy consumption compared to traditional techniques and faster 

NexCru Green Oil Technologies operates on crude feedstock in conjunction with natural well or waste gas through a process that operates at a significantly lower operating pressure and targeted high temperatures. More than just a refining process, NEXCRU represents an improvement in both the technical and economic rewards of crude oil enhancement, including usable, high-grade diesel, kerosene and gas fuel at the wellhead. 

Value Proposition Heavy/Light Crude Processing 
• Wide HTL Range / API 8 to API 60 + Diluents 
• LTF / Diesel Products 
• High Yield & Contaminate Reduction 
• Environment Friendly Conversions & Products
• Scalable Process Volume
Closed Loop System Values 
• Green Production Process / Emission Free 
• Recycle Savings in Carrier Gas
• Low Pressure — Max 15psi 
• Placement Indoors or Outdoors 
• Clean & Odor Free Environment 
• Maximize Production Yield 
• Minimal By-Product Loss 
FINALLY - FULL SERVICE SOLUTION PROVIDER In addition to delivering our fully-integrated technology platform to our projects, we will provide a complete set of services and support, including facility design, start-up assistance, and technology upgrades, engineering systems and constant technology support, as well as our proprietary core technology components of our process. We believe that by delivering services and working closely with our customers, we can maximize our earnings opportunities and anticipate future needs and develop new solutions and end products.